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K/1 Class - Cat's eggs

- Miss Chung: What are those things in your animal’s house Nanoka?
- Nanoka: They are my cat’s eggs
- Miss Chung: Really? I’ve never heard that cats lay eggs before.
- Emmett: Really Miss Chung! I’ve even seen cat’s eggs.
- K/1: (all together) Really Miss Chung, cats do lay eggs!
- Miss Chung: ???

Comments: "It was very funny and nice to read all these stories. I really enjoyed reading this with Nanoka. Thank you very much. After leaving HIK, Nanoka sometimes writes about HIK and K/1 class in her diary at Japanese school. She wrote I really like HIK and enjoyed going there so much, it was probabaly the best thing for me that I could go to HIK. She really has fantastic memories of HIK. I am very grateful to you" (Misa)

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