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K/1 Class - Disappearing chocolate
- Miss Chung: hello K/1, I just found out that our chocolate cup is empty; somebody must have eaten all the chocolates?
- K/1: we ate them all up.
- Miss Chung: you did not ask me before did you?
- K/1: You were not here at the time.
- Miss Chung: Okay, can you see those lollipops in the box over there?
- K/1: yes
- Miss Chung: I think I’m going to give them all to the Butterfly and Cocoon classes because I worry that they will disappear as well.
- K/1: But Miss Chung, they are in a box that is very difficult to open.
- Miss Chung: Did you already try to open it?
- K/1: NO
- Miss Chung: Should I give them all away?
- K/1: NO!
- Miss Chung: What should we say now?
- Miss Chung: will you promise not to eat any lollipops without asking me?
- K/1: YES.

Comments:  "Thank you very much for your big laughs. I was very much interested in this story. You are very smart but you have to say 'sorry' when you make a mistake" (Yutaro's Dad)
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