HIK Laughs
K/1 Class - We can joke, too!

- K/1: where is the school bus today?
- Vinh: There will be no bus today, we are going to sleep at the school tonight.
- K/1: !? (walking back to the stairs)
- Ms Chung: Hey hey hey, where are you going K/1?
- K/1: Back to the classroom, we are sleeping at school tonight, aren’t we?
- Miss Chung, Mr Vinh and others: !?

Comments: "Thank you for giving me a chance to read the LAUGH. While Hayeon and I read the book, we had a good laugh and a happy time. As well, Hayeon talked about HIK at that time and the book reminded her of HIK. Sometimes Hayeon misses you and her friends. I believe that the memory of HIK will be precious for Hayeon. Thank you once more and good luck to you and HIK" (Hayeon's Mum)

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