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While covering the topic ‘People Who Help Us’, the Hamster/K1 class decided to carry out some interviews with the staff at the kinder. These are excerpt from the interviews:
*With the principal: after the children have asked some questions, the class teacher – Miss Anji – decided to wrap up the interview by raising a question:
      - Miss Anji: So, you now all know that the principal - Miss Chung -  is very important. Without Miss Chung, there may be no school. What can we do if there is no Miss Chung then?
      - Sylvie: Then I will be the principal!
      - Everyone: ???
*With the chef: when it was his turn to ask a question to the chef, Maximilian shared his observation:
      - Maximilian: Miss Thuy, why do you keep cooking all the time? You cook snacks and lunch which I have to keep eating. At home I have breakfast, and then I have to eat morning snack and then lunch which is why I feel too full all the time?
      - Miss Thuy: ???
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