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Factors when choosing a school for your child
At HIK we make sure that our children are always given plenty of attention. For example, the ratio is three children for every teacher in the nursery, rising to seven children for every teacher for the older kindergarten students. We believe these are the lowest teacher to student ratios in Hanoi
Greetings from Malaysia
7 May 2009
Dear Ms Chung and all Hamster's friends,
Shi Wei is settling well in Malaysia. He said he miss all of you too, and he would like to give everybody a big hug too.
Greetings from Australia
After leaving Hanoi mummy, daddy and me spent Christmas in Adelaide with my Grandma and Pa. We are now in Perth waiting to move into our new home which happens tomorrow. Last week was my first week at my new school, Gooseberry Hill Primary, I am in one of the pre school classes which I have 19 new friends in my class.
Greetings from Korea
Dear Miss Chung Thank you for inviting Do-Young back to HIK on Friday before we leave Hanoi for Korea. Last night Do-Young cried because she missed you, Yotaro, Emmett and HIK friends. The thoughts of not going to HIK again upset her, I think.
Nanoka's farewell
It is coming of the time to leave HIK and Nanoka has only four more days to go to HIK. We really miss you and HIK. Nanoka tried her best at school and she could learn a lot of things there. I think she have gained her confidence and have great experiences and wonderful friends there. I would like to say to you and every teacher ‘Thank you very much’
Agnes and Esther's farewell
We are very soon moving to SWEDEN. We have been ABSOLUTELY very happy to have met you all – Caterpillar and Butterfly FRIENDS and teachers.
Greetings from Japan
Hello. I'm Rie, Sota's mother. I'm sorry that I didn't contact you earlier. Sota is going to a new kindergarten here in Japan and he enjoys very much. Sometimes he says, "Ms chung told me ~." or "when I were in HIK, we said ~. But in new school we have to say ~."
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