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Our Curriculum is an integrated curriculum adapted from the British Curriculum for the Early Years which focuses on 7 seven areas of development as stated below. The first three are classified as Prime Areas and the last four being Specific Areas of the Early Learning Goals (ELG):
1. Communication and Language Development
2. Physical Development
3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
4. Literacy Development
5. Mathematics Development
6. Understanding of  the World
7. Expressive Arts and Design
Within Communication and Language development, and Literacy development, the program is designed to ensure that children's language and early reading skills will develop within the four crucial areas:
- Oral language
- Phonological awareness
- Print awareness
- Alphabetic knowledge
Within the thematic based curriculum we provide boundless opportunities for our children to learn through imagination, creativity and play. We provide education and care which is not only committed to quality, but is based on sound ethical, environmental, moral and holistic values which enable children and parents to work together to be the very best.
The key Learning Goals and areas of developmental focus are to assist your child in becoming:
- A Strong Child
- A Skilful Communicator
- A Competent Learner
- A Healthy Child
It is also a primary goal that all of our children will be prepared for further education in international environments.
After School Clubs:
Creative Arts
Music & Movement
Free and/or Guided play
Weekly Play Group