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Our Policies

General Policies

First Aid
Our employees are trained in emergency first aid for children

Evacuation Procedures
An emergency evacuation plan is displayed in each classroom. We will conduct drills on a regular basis to ensure that children can be evacuated quickly and easily.

Accidents and Injuries
Even in the safest environment, accidents and injuries do occur. Any accidents that may occur at the Kindergarten are recorded on an Incident Report. If your child has been injured during the day, you will be required to sign the Incident Report, indicating that you have been made aware of the incident. If necessary, we will contact you to collect your child. If you cannot be contacted and your child requires medical attention, we will take the necessary required steps. Any medical expenses incurred will be the parent's responsibility.

Field Trips 
You will be notified in advance of any planned field trips. Parents are required to give written permission for their child to participate in a field trip.

School Bus
We will have a staff member on the bus at all times. Please ensure that you (or one of your authorised collection people) remain with your child until they are collected and are awaiting their return from the bus.

Our school bus has seat belts, and it is mandatory that every child wears one.
We have an Open Door policy at all times. Parents are invited to visit our centre and experience the programs and variety of early childhood services we offer. We encourage and foster open communications between all parents and staff at the Kindergarten.

Notices will be sent home with your child as required. In addition they will be placed on our notice board in the office. You can elect to have all communications sent via email if you prefer.

Our newsletter will also keep you up to date on what is happening with your child, their class and the Kindergarten in general.

Parent Teacher meetings are held twice a year or as required throughout the year.
The rich diversity of the backgrounds and experience of parents in our Kindergarten provides a wonderful opportunity to grow the scope of your child's education. We encourage parents to come and share with our children any special talents, cultural background information and reading stories in their native languages.

From time to time it is also great to have parents assist us with excursions, outings and special activities. If you would like to contribute in any way, please let us know. We would be most grateful!