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Your child's daily routine will include activities from those below, as well as morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack

Arrival Time - Children will be received in the playground area

Settling-in Time - Children will be taken to their classrooms and encouraged to choose an appropriate activity

Circle Time

- Who is here? students place their name on the attendance board for the day
- Show and Tell Time: where children are encouraged to bring something from home to show their friends and talk about, encouraging confidence and vocabulary development
- Singing Time: children will learn new songs, sing favourite songs and develop rhyming and phonic skills

Learning Centre Time - Children will rotate through Learning Centres as prepared by their teachers. These may include:
- language centre
- maths centre
- science centre
- computer centre
- manipulative centre
- dramatics centre

Physical Activity - Types of physical activities may include:
- ballet
- dancing
- yoga
- games
- gym
- aerobics

Creative Project - The children will work on a creative project in small groups or as a team, including art projects, messy play and music time.

Outside Play - The children will play in the outdoor area, both under cover and in the open with equipment such as:
- sand box
- paddling pool
- climbing frames
- mini city driving course
- ball games
- reading area

Rest Time - depending on your request, children can sleep during this time or enjoy quiet time in the classroom reading stories and other restful activities.

Wake Up Time - Children participate in an exercise routine to help them awaken from sleep or revive after quiet time

Language Development & Story Time - Emphasis is placed on language development and vocabulary growth through the use of:
- flash cards
- story reading
- discussions on theme

After School Activity Time
Activities will be run daily, such as:
- English/ESL club
- Yoga club - Creative Arts 
- Music and Movement
- Guided and Free Play

An example of a day

- Outside playtime
- Show and Tell Time
- Circle Time
- Small group activities
- Large group activities
- Creative Play  
- Messy Play  
- Language Time
- Snacks & Meal Times
- Singing Time
- Drama Time
- Physical Education