After School Clubs
Come and Join HIK's - After School Clubs  

Looking for something fun for your child to do after school?

Join HIK's After School Programme!  

From 3:45 to 4:30pm five days a week -

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No ENROLMENT FEE and you can join in at any date!

We offer these Clubs:
MONDAY All About Animals
TUESDAY – Music & Movement
Around the World (Geography)  
THURSDAY – Language Arts & English as an Additional Language 
FRIDAY - Ooey Goey Science

The School Bus is also available for picking up and dropping off.  
For further information regarding fees and enrolment, please call us on 024 3719 1248, visit our website at http://hik.edu.vn, drop by our school at 28/52 To Ngoc Van, or email contact@hik.edu.vn.
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