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Carrot - Glasses

The morning snack today was vegetable sticks with dips. During snack time, Emmett said:
Miss Chung, I don't like carrot, can I leave it?
Miss Chung (talking to the whole class): Do you know that carrot is very good for your eyes?
K1: ?!
Miss Chung: Do you know Miss Thu in the Butterfly class?
K1: Yes
Miss Chung: Miss Thu needs glasses to see things more clearly because she didn't eat enough carrot so her eyes are not very good
---- a few seconds of silience-----
Do Young: Miss Chung, can I have some more carrot please. I LOVE carrot it's why my eyes are very good, can you see?? (looking at her peers while blinking her eyes) 
All the group: Can I also have some carrot please. My eyes are also very good because I like carrot.

NEXT MORNING (also during snack time)
Emmett: Miss Chung, isn't it funny that my dad likes carrot but he still has to wear glasses?
K1: ??? (all staring at Miss Chung and waiting..)
Miss Chung: Ummm... Ahhh, maybe when he was as little as you are now, he didn't like carrot and he started eating carrot a bit too late...
K1 (altogether): YEAH, TOO LATE!

*Comment from Emmett's dad:
"Thank you so much for your story and Miss Chung, I'm very happy to be a sacrifice for your children to eat carrot :-)"  

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