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G'day (Hello) HIK Friends (8th Feb 09)

After leaving Hanoi mummy, daddy and me spent Christmas in Adelaide with my Grandma and Pa. We are now in Perth waiting to move into our new home which happens tomorrow. Last week was my first week at my new school, Gooseberry Hill Primary, I am in one of the pre school classes which I have 19 new friends in my class. I have to wear a uniform which is either a school dress or a green skirt and red t-shirt. There is a special rule which when we play out side we have to wear a hat because the sun is very hot here, "no hat no play". The school is very nice with lots of trees and many birds who come to visit. Before going back to school my mummy and daddy took me to the beach many times which I like very much and I enjoy riding on top of the waves also jumping over the big waves.


I miss Hanoi and all my friends and teachers at HIK.

Bye for now
From Paige Playford
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