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Greetings from Korea
Dear Miss Chung Thank you for inviting Do-Young back to HIK on Friday before we leave Hanoi for Korea. Last night Do-Young cried because she missed you, Yotaro, Emmett and HIK friends. The thoughts of not going to HIK again upset her, I think.
I have always been very satisfied with all environment surrounding Do-Young: her friends, her school, her books and especially her teacher, you!!
Thank you and love you, always! (7th May 08

Arrival in Korea (23rd May 08)
Hello, how are you?
We arrived in Korea safely. I'm sorry not to say good-bye before leaving, that day I was so busy. 
Now we are in Pusan , grandparents home. Doyoung misses you, Emmett, Yutaro,  Nanoka, and Hayeon. She is bored still. She will be happy if she attend other kindergarten next month.
During the attendance at HIK, Doyoung had had  a very happy time. Big THANKS to you and to all HIK staff.
I'll keep in touch with you whenever I have time.  
See you!!

Best Regards,
Jeong sook, Shin .
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